Terms and Conditions

Choose wisely

At Phreaze Factory, we do our best to ensure all of our customers are satisfied with their products and try to inform our customers of the most suitable products for your needs. However, some vinyls are low use - meant to stand out but not last long (typically for stage performance or occasions). Please consider this when making your purchase.

Vinyl Garment (cut only) Prints - Care Instructions

Our cut-only vinyl process is when a sheet of polyurethane vinyl is cut to produce a design which is then heat applied to a garment which is why it is generally limited to a few colours per print.

Vinyl printing is permanent and once pressed to clothing, can last for many washes if cared for properly. DO NOT iron or expose your vinyl printed clothing to extreme heat under any circumstances - this will cause it to bubble or peel and your custom clothing would be ruined.

Some vinyl lasts longer than others and will depend on placement and size as well. For example, imagine the Mirror coloured vinyl is like foil gift wrap - if you imagine thick text made from this on the bottom of your t shirt which you sit on often, it is likely to crack quite quickly. However, if you ordered the more durable vinyl such as Premier Black, this bends better with the material and is likely to last much longer. PRODUCTS CANNOT BE RETURNED DUE TO DAMAGE CAUSED BY INCORRECT CARE.

Full Colour Vinyl Garment Prints - Care Instructions

This method is similar to the cutting method above however we also print using a special ink, on top of the vinyl and then cut it. However, the down-side to this method is that, being printed with ink, the design will eventually start to fade out slowly after washing. Where possible, we recommend prints using the vinyl cut method for logos and high-use wear. Please consider this when ordering.

Canvas Prints - Care Instructions

'Unframed' means we print your canvas exactly to the measurements order and do not frame it but provide it as rolled up piece of canvas. This is a great method if you are purchasing this product as a gift for someone who needs to travel light and can't carry a heavy wooden frame around.

'Framed' is where we stretch your printed canvas over a wooden frame so it is ready to be hung straight on a wall. The frame goes behind the canvas and does not appear on the outside but is around 3cm deep so gives your canvas an extra dimensional effect.

Matte and Gloss finishes also present differently and this should also be taken into consideration when ordering your product. Matte will have a more 'faded' look which is generally more suitable for skin tones, and gloss a shinier/vibrant look for landscapes.

For best results in terms of longevity of your canvas, please display indoors and out of direct sunlight.

Decals & Signage - Care Instructions

There are a number of ways we may process decals/signage depending on whether we are installing it or providing you with the product to apply yourself. If you are applying yourself, you will be provided with instructions on how to do so during pickup/delivery. If we are installing your product, we will use protective laminate where needed with outdoor signage for extra protection and longevity. Due to weather, placement and other conditions, we are only able to provide an estimated life-span for decals at time of purchase. As a guide, most of our outdoor signage products will last 3-5 years + depending on the above.